A second day for the brave at Cigale

A second day for the brave at Cigale


The ten millimeters of rain expected on Sunday, at the Beauport Bay site, did not scare the few hundred festival-goers present for the second day of the Cigale festival, ready to drink in the music pop, electro and folk.

Freshly arrived from Boston, where they played the day before, the Californian group “Fitz and the Tantrums” was one of the headliners for this day of the festival. The group, whose melodies are somewhat reminiscent of the songs of the group “Fun.”, had not played in Quebec since accompanying One Republic at the Videotron center in February 2017, and were visibly happy to return after so many years.

In the most anticipated groups, this is when a larger crowd began to gather near the stage. Rather calm and attentive at the start of the performance, it is really from “I Need Help”, the ninth song of the number, where the calm and attentive audience became more energetic and pumped up. The only downside to the performance, as soon as we stepped back a little from the front stage, the voice of singer Noelle Scaggs was inaudible. You had to get really close to the stage to hear it.

A rare release for Milk and Bone

Offering one of their rare shows of 2022, the “Milk and Bone” duo, made up of Laurence Lafond Beaulne and Camille Poliquin, knew how to transmit their contagious spirit of complicity, which meant that several spectators, installed at the beach, wanted to join the party in front of the stage. The band had been on hiatus since 2020, preparing for a new album, “Chrysalism,” which will be released on October 28. The first single from this opus, “Movies”, seemed to be the favorite song of the public, who already knew the lyrics by heart.

Peter's Dance Party Kwenders

The grayer sky was quickly forgotten with the dancing and colorful music of Pierre Kwenders. The Congolese musician based in Montreal presented several tracks from his album “José Louis And The Paradox Of Love”, launched last April and some of the songs that made him known as “Sexus Plexus Nexus”. Throughout the performance, the first four rows of the audience danced to her Afropop beats and asked for more at the end.