A secondary school in Brossard famous in her graduating class

Une école secondaire de Brossard célèbre en grand ses finissants

BROSSARD – The 252 graduates of the école secondaire Antoine-Brossard, Brossard, got a surprise Tuesday afternoon.

Formed of students, teachers, and members of the directorate, the organizing committee of the prom has created an installation with 252 pictures of the pupils of fifth secondary school dressed in their robes, the whole printed on coroplast. The photographs were hung at the outside of the school in several rows and intensify the impression of drilling a large crowd, to the delight of parents and children.

Students, teachers, and members of the management have installed photos of the 252 graduates outside of high school Antoine-Brossard

“It’s beautiful. I was going to cry. It had been so long that I had not seen my classmates and my friends. To see them smile, disguised, with their robes, it was nice to see,” said the graduate Juliet May, in speaking of the photos posted outside.

Juliet May, with the aim of was dressed in her ball gown, was about to throw his hat tick

This last is arrival at the establishment brossardois dressed in his dress, prom, masked, and capped. She was waiting for her ball forward. “I was proud to come in a dress,” said the girl, who undertake studies in psychology at the college level this fall.

Given the prohibition to hold a gathering inside like a prom, the organizing committee has worked for more than thirty days to celebrate the transition to secondary school students with creativity and respecting the sanitary measures.

Accompanied only by his family, each student could see the entire installation. He was subsequently invited to enter the school, where several teachers were waiting for him after his transition on a long red carpet. “We tried to do three events at the same time,” explained the deputy director of the school, Véronique Lavoie.

The pictures were hung near the entrance door of the students

Each finishing has been able to individually launch the mortar, to receive his album graduation and attend a mini-performance of the dance troupe of the school.

The business also playful teachers. “On the 12th of march, when the bell rang, I told my students: “have a nice weekend, see you Monday”. Finally, I have not reviewed. When we start the year with several groups of students, there are as a result of events that occur and, usually, we see them all year round, and there, there has been a cut abrupt. It was important for them and for us to close the loop,” said Stephanie Lemoing, French teacher of the secondary school 5 école Antoine-Brossard.

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