A sentence that light for the assailant of a woman causes an uproar in Singapore

Une peine légère pour l’agresseur d’une femme provoque un tollé à Singapour

A decision of the court of Singapore to be sentenced to twelve days in jail a student for assault of his ex-girlfriend caused an uproar on Tuesday, the defenders of the rights of women condemning a verdict too lenient.

Yin Zi Qin has attempted to strangle his ex-girlfriend until she passed out at his home in may 2019, after having tried in vain to persuade the young girl, aged 21 years, to go back on its decision to break, according to court documents.

After pleading guilty of having deliberately harmed his victim, the student dentist of 23 years at the national University of Singapore, was sentenced Friday to a ” penalty of short-term detention “. He will have to spend 12 days in jail but will not have a criminal record.

He must also perform 80 hours of work in the general interest, regular reporting to the authorities for five months and followed a rehabilitation.

The young man could have been sentenced to a maximum of two years in prison.

The verdict caused an uproar on the social networks and the group of defence of the rights of women AWARE has considered that it ” reflects, once again, the imbalance between the value given to women survivor of abuse and their male perpetrators “.

According to the association, ” the prejudice suffered by the women is often understated “.

The women’s branch of the party in power in the city-State has also expressed, in a press release, its “dismay” in the face of a verdict ” disproportionate “.

While the anger was rising, the minister of the Interior and of Justice K. Shanmugam announced that the government would review the way in which decisions are taken in such cases.

The University of Singapore announced that the student had been suspended and was at risk of a penalty, although the case was not held on campus.

Sexual harassment has become a hot topic on the campus of this city State of Southeast Asia since a student has told of the last year have been filmed without his knowledge under the shower in his home on student.

The victim, Monica Baey, has decided to make the case public, after a punishment considered too mild for her attacker, sparking a movement described as the #MeToo singapore.

In another case, a student was initially sentenced to a term of probation for assaulting a woman, but was then imprisoned for two weeks after prosecutors appealed the verdict.

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