A serological test available at a clinic in Trois-Rivières

Un test sérologique offert dans une clinique de Trois-Rivières

THREE RIVERS | The health Clinic-M-Three-Rivers now offers serological tests that can determine if a patient has had the COVID-19 without developing symptoms.

The test, which can detect antibodies specific to the COVID-19, takes the form of a simple blood test administered by appointment. It is not necessary to have active symptoms of the coronavirus to be able to pass a serological test, the latter do not have the objective of detecting active cases of the disease.

“This is a detection test to determine if it has been infected in the last month without developing symptoms. Our body has developed antibodies. The test allows you to see the status of immunity of a person. Currently, there is a lot of interest in the serological tests, both for the population and companies”, explained Nicolas Marchand, owner of the health clinic Mr.

The samples are sent to the CDL Laboratories, in Montreal. It takes three to five days before knowing the outcome of the test. If it turns out positive, the clinic must notify the public Health, as with any notifiable disease.

The serological test costs about $ 200 and is licensed by Health Canada. It is now offered in a number of private clinics in Quebec.

These tests will, in the coming months, to better identify the proportion of Quebecers who have been infected by the coronavirus and, therefore, the rate of herd immunity. However, it is too early to know if this immunity is permanent or temporary.

“It will allow you to have a better picture of the situation. It indirectly assists the public Health,” emphasized Nicolas Marchand.


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