A sexagenarian saved by its deliveryman grocery store

Une sexagénaire sauvée par son livreur d’épicerie

In Montreal in the late sixties would probably be dead without the presence of mind of a young delivery man grocery which was found in distress at her home.

“The driver saved her life “, believes Marie Jacob, owner of the triplex of the Mile End, where the incident occurred.

“When life is in danger, it is a matter of time,” confirms a spokesman for Urgences-santé, Sylvain Lafrance. “The longer we wait, the more damage may be irreversible. “

When Mehdi Berboucha arrived at his client with five bags of groceries last Thursday, the two entrance doors were wide open.

“I found it really weird. Anyone would have been able to return home “, he thought at that moment.

After you ring the doorbell, asked if someone was there and tried to phone him three times, he decided to enter the apartment, mask to the face.

He was scared

Concerned, the young man went up to the balcony, where he found a woman with a complexion livid lying on a chair, unable to speak.

“At the beginning, no lie, I was a little scared,” admits the driver of 21 years of age. But I stayed really calm. “

Mr. Berboucha alerted neighbors who were outside and who called the emergency services without delay.

The brother of the woman who has been in a malaise, who wishes to remain anonymous, wants to emphasize the coolness and humanity of Mr. Berboucha.

“It is released outside of its comfort zone to help a stranger. In 2020, at a time where it’s everyone for themselves, it is miraculous. ”

The owner of the delivery service Exprex, Mr. Tehini, is very proud of the reflexes of its employee. Even if it does not recommend to its delivery drivers to enter in their clients unless they request them, he recognizes that the initiative of his delivery was good.

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