A shock statement from Jonathan Marchessault on Pierre-Luc Dubois

A shock statement by Jonathan Marchessault on Pierre-Luc Dubois


The Vegas Golden Knights successfully passed the first round by eliminating the Winnipeg Jets in five games. 

In an interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie on Monday, Jonathan Marchessault analyzed this series.

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“The first game never wasn't very good. The Jets surprised us. The second was a bit better, but I would say our best games were the third, fourth and fifth. We had confidence, we started the games well and we ended well too.”

The Quebecer has his own idea of ​​what ultimately made the difference.

“When you have a lot of veterans in the lineup, you understand that the important thing is not to do the more goals than you can in the playoffs. You have to play well defensively and let the other team make the mistakes. That's what we were able to do in the first round.”

The former Quebec Remparts also admits not understanding the criticisms of Pierre-Luc Dubois in Winnipeg.

“I think Pierre-Luc Dubois was their best player on the ice, every night. He worked hard and was physically involved. Honestly, I only have good words to say about him. I think he was their most dangerous and complete player. I think he could have had more help from other teammates.”

As for the next round against the Edmonton Oilers, Marchessault believes the Golden Knights have the right recipe to limit damage against Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

“We have a system in place that works. You just have to execute it. You will have to be alert when they are on the ice because it is practically impossible to keep them off the score sheet. They will find a way to produce, but they would have to be limited to one point each or so. That's how you can win against this team. We will have to play physical and not give a lot of space.”

Watch the interview in question in the video above.