A sick society

Une société malade

Mix of racism, of the masses of firearms in free circulation, differences in wealth are extreme, religious fundamentalism, education systems, health and shabby, except for the rich, and you’ll get the riots that spread across the United States.

The murderous behaviour of the police of Minneapolis in the arrest of George Floyd, who died for having presented to a dealer a fake $ 20 bill, put fire to the powder.

Racism increasing in the United States ?

According to the Pew Research Center, 56 % of Americans believe that race relations have deteriorated under Trump. The sad part is that minorities in the united states have incorporated racism into their identity as a minority. As a result, 15 % of persons of white skin say that for them, race or ethnicity is very or extremely important in their identity. But these rates rise to 74 % in those whose skin is black, to 59 % in Hispanics and 56 percent among Asians. This identity racist is nourished by the rejection. She also spoke of all sorts of ways. For example, it seems normal in the United States to ask the color of the skin to someone who fills out a form. Similarly, some universities offer programs of ” studies in black “, as if the knowledge and the colour of the skin were related.

What are the differences in wealth ?

The wealth gaps are growing. According to the most recent figures, between 1983 and 2016, the share of the aggregate wealth of the 10 % of the richest Americans fell from 60 % to 79 %, while the share of the middle class dropped from 32 % to 17 % and that of poor fell from 7% to 4 %. I bet that under Donald Trump, the spreads have gotten worse. These disparities in distribution of wealth are the worst of all industrialized countries.

How the education system affects the black minorities ?

Schools in the United States are of very variable quality. Two main criteria that define their quality : the ethnic composition of their students and the wealth of the parents, one of which is often linked to the other. More than 90 % of Americans 25 years and older have completed grade 12. In Black americans, the proportion is 25 %. Among Hispanic americans, it reached 59 %.

How the health system affects African-Americans ?

Health care is difficult to access, and poor for 50 % of the population. This is probably one of the reasons that the mortality rate among black Americans with the COVID-19 is three times higher than in the rest of the population.

What do the rioters ?

It is easy to conceive the wrath of many Americans in front of the video unbearable to a police officer who kills a citizen with nonchalance. For an African-American, the video is even worse, since usually the latter is identified with the color of his skin and the victim is black. Anger increases when the black American finds that he is increasingly poor, while a minority is more and more rich. When he sees that the COVID-19 affects more African-Americans, because they can’t afford to stop working or because they really do not have access to the health system. The riots are not just those of minorities. They mark the desperation of Americans who feel betrayed by their country.

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