A snapshot of his penis to the judge

Un cliché de son pénis pour le juge

Desperate to prove his innocence, a fifty-year-old already convicted of sexual contact on two young children has suggested to a judge to show him a photo of his penis.

“I brought a picture of my cock to prove to you that it is not like the one that the victim described [in the trial] “, was launched Friday, Robin Wilcox the judge Joey Dubois, in its comments on the penalty, at the courthouse in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

“Thank you for the offer, but NO,” was directly declined by the magistrate.

Friday, the man, 57-year-old continued to deny that bulk of the accusations in sexual matters have been the subject of a trial that has established his or her guilt, in April 2019.

The latter was touching a young girl of eight years, and do so almost weekly between 2008 and 2011, one can read in the decision.

This victim, a friend of the family cannot be named because of a Court order.

In addition to engaging in “games” that are barren, Wilcox was especially “touched and licked” the intimate parts of the girl. There has also been attempted penetration and oral sex a few times.

At the time, he had asked his victim not to say a word to anyone, because he would be in trouble.

Lawyer spree

Continuing to plead his innocence, Wilcox has also fired his lawyer, and Friday, seeing that she was just about to negotiate a short term of imprisonment.

He has categorically denied the avenue that would lead to the penitentiary.

He has thus preferred to represent themselves only, which has earned him a few opportunities to bring back to the order by the magistrate.

“I am a good man and well high. I have three key employment and am an asset to the company, and especially not a predator. I’ve never touched a child, he pleaded, voice quivering, to be argued in court that he did not deserve his sentence. We talk about what it does to her [the victim], but as for me, I lost my family. I paid dearly for those words, [the accusations]. I am innocent. “

Application of 5 years

During his speech, he again accused the victim of lying, noted the Crown prosecutor, Mylène Brown.

It has been suggested that the judge Dubois to impose a sentence of imprisonment of five years and register with the sex offender Registry for life.

Among the aggravating factors, she insisted on the abuse of trust and authority of the man, as well as the gestures of the “super” intrusive that he has committed.

At the same time, Wilcox is also waiting for his sentence in another case of sexual contact on another minor.

The child molester already has a criminal history in a variety of materials. It should receive its awards in August.

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