A spectacular collision in Montreal

Une spectaculaire collision à Montréal

A lorry driver can’t get the two drivers daredevils who hung before performing a gliding spectacular, in what had the appearance of a race, is to be unharmed, the last week in Montreal.

“It surprises me, but I’m glad. I made a nasty break, ” said driver Eric Thibault, of the company Remorquage Rondeau. I have never seen them coming. I had not expected. “

The 50 year old man, who has 33 years of experience, was driving his tow truck on the boulevard Henri-Bourassa est, last Friday, at dawn, when he wanted to make a wide turn to the right, to introduce in a parking lot.

To take, it is positioned in the lane most to the left in order not to damage its heavy weight in the narrow entry into or encroach on the field.

One sees first the tow truck started its turn to the right, on 2 July in the morning, on the boulevard Henri-Bourassa est, Montreal, while the two vehicles are brought behind.

He remained motionless on all four flashing for a few minutes before you run, according to a witness of the scene.

“I was at 250 meters from the intersection, and I knew that the lights were red on each side at this time. I was supposed to have at least a good 10 seconds to turn ” attests-t-it.

The first black vehicle landed, after crashing into the full force of the heavy weight.

It was then 5: 39.

A race ?

On the images of a surveillance camera of a nearby building, we see two cars driving one behind the other, followed by a cloud of dust.

The white car that followed him, to an abrupt end his race against a tree.

The two speeders then attempt an overtaking by the right side of the tow truck, but hang suddenly the heavy weight that was beginning to turn both ways. Thus, one sees in turn the cars black and white hit hydrant and tree, before ending abruptly their race.

Limit of 60 km/h

Une spectaculaire collision à Montréal

Éric Thibault

Mr. Thibault can not certify that the young drivers who are brought in his dead angle coursaient, but ” at the speed they were going “, there would be little room for interpretation, according to him.

“They had to force the light not bad. They were driving a top of 100 km/h, sure, ” says the trucker. The maximum allowable limit on this stretch of the boulevard, however, is 60 km/h, observed The Journal.

“It is, of course, I coupais a way, but it was not the choice here. It is often done “, pleaded he.

Fortunately, more fear than harm for the drivers involved in this accident. An ambulance attended the scene, but he would not have had transportation to the hospital.

“They were lucky “

“I have not had a nervous shock, since there has been a person death. And it causes me less problems after the fact. But they have been lucky ! ” says Mr. Thibault.

“I went to see if they were correct, but not to shake their hand and congratulate them,” he concludes.

The police Department of the City of Montreal confirms that the event was beautiful and well done no hurt.

“This case is the subject of an investigation on our side. Analysis of the images of the scene that have been requisitioned, ” said spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant.

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