A step more than welcome

Une étape plus que bienvenue

The player of tennis in quebec Alexis Galarneau was entitled to not one, but two pieces of good news Wednesday.

A few minutes after learning that the circuit of men’s professional ATP resumed its activities on the 14th of August next, at Washington, Galarneau knew that he will be able to provide double duty to drive with the reopening of the indoor facilities of the national centre of Tennis Canada, of which he is part.

These new developments in connection with the pandemic of the COVID-19 could not have come at a better time for the player from Laval, who after four seasons with North Carolina State University in the NCAA, is ready to make the jump professionally.

“My ultimate goal is to be a professional tennis player, and know that the gyms [like the national centre] and the tournaments will start again, the timing is super good for me, and it will encourage me to work as hard as possible,” said 559e player in the world, in an interview with The Journal.

If Galarneau was able to reconnect with his racket on the court in recent weeks, the new phase of déconfinement will help to refine items left behind during quarantine.

“We were able to play one from time-to-time outside, but we were not able to have coaches on the field and with the opening of the gyms, we will be able to finally work things more specific, has described the one who is looking for a coach and sponsors to support him in his transition.

Waiting finally over

Une étape plus que bienvenue

Nicolas Joël
Director of the Stage IGA

Director of the Stage IGA, which features 16 indoor courts, Nicolas Joel, has welcomed the announcement Wednesday with a great relief. On average, it is 5000 users per year who come to the power centre of tennis in Montreal, but the current restrictions combined to work on a number of outdoor courts were to reduce greatly the capacity of reception for the customers.

“It was hoped for some time to be able to give back more to our tennis enthusiasts. With the progressive reopening of certain sectors, it encouraged me to think that the indoor sports were going to reopen. We are in the process of reading all of the guides of the government to see what we will be able to reopen as soon as the June 22 “, he stressed.

The club advantage loan

In Quebec, the owner of the Club Advantage, Serge Jacques, could only hear the green light from the government to re-open its doors. A protocol complying with the health standards had already been planned by the institution of the rue Bouvier, which has 14 pitches, tennis and badminton courts, and a gym.

“It is a happy surprise and this is the best news that we could have ! The pressure was becoming greater by the owners of the gym on the government with the precarious situation [financially] in which many are plunged. We have already extended our devices to two meters, and it has purchased hundreds of bottles of disinfectant. “


For the time being, the customer will not benefit from all the services to which she was accustomed prior to the pandemic.

“We will go with the logic of coming on the site and set off directly, without access to the cloakroom and a bit like it is done in all the parks, to be able to leave on time if we can schedule a re-opening most important, but the two metre distance is an issue in the locker room,” admitted Nicolas Joël.

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