A step taken towards the construction of the Canadarm3

Un pas de franchi vers la construction du Canadarm3

The federal government intends to grant the contract for the construction of any new Canadarm3 for the future lunar base Gateway to the canadian company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Inc. (MDA), which will not be his first such project.

It is the minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, Navdeep Bains, who announced this new collaboration with MDA. This last has in particular participated in the projects Canadarm, Canadarm 2 and Dextre during the past four decades.

“The Canadarm3 will include a robotic arm is a new-generation small arms agile and a series of specialized tools. Video advanced, state of the art software and the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence will enable the autonomous system to operate without human intervention”, said for its part, the canadian space Agency.

When fully built, the Canadarm3 will be added to the Gateway project, a space station in lunar that was to become “the next great international mission of space exploration inhabited after the highly successful, the international space Station”. This is the United States which are driving this project, which has joined Canada in 2019.

Multiple functions

On its website, the canadian space Agency said that the big arm will be a length of 8.5 metres. It will ensure the maintenance, repair, and inspect the station Gateway, to catch a spacecraft and to move the modules of the station. Moreover, it will help the astronauts during their spacewalks, and will be able to conduct scientific experiments in orbit and on the surface of the Moon.

It was also clarified that a little arm – which will be part of the robotic system — will be used in the transfer of the material, while the Canadarm3 may conduct his own maintenance and repairs by changing the necessary parts. Finally, the arm can move “from one place to another on the station Gateway by setting in turn of its ends (its “hands”) to the terminals special. Each terminal will provide electrical power, data transmission, and a video link.”

It is estimated that hundreds of enterprises will participate in its development, particularly in the areas of innovation and emerging technologies.

“The Canadarm3 that we are committed to provide to the space station, lunar Gateway will create well-paying jobs and will generate economic benefits for Canadians, and will enable the space sector in canada continue to be a figurehead and take the expansion”, said the minister Baths.

In February 2019, the Trudeau government has released an amount of 2.05 billion $ over 24 years of age to participate in the initiatives of the exploration of the Moon, which includes the construction of the new canadian arm. It is estimated at $ 135 million per year, the possible impact of this investment, in addition to the creation of 1300 jobs.

It is estimated that the arm will be ready in the middle of the 2020s, once the architecture of the station Gateway to be fully defined.

MDA, founded in 1969 in British Columbia, was owned by american interests for a few years. She has returned to canada in April last after having been acquired by a consortium led by an investment firm in toronto.

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