A steroid reduces by one third the mortality in critically ill patients

Un stéroïde réduit d'un tiers la mortalité chez les patients gravement atteints

A drug of the family of the steroid, dexamethasone, reduces by one third the mortality in patients with the most severely affected by the COVID-19, according to the first results of a large clinical trial qualified Tuesday of” major advance “.

In the wake of this announcement, the uk government has indicated that this treatment was going to be immediately used to treat the patients concerned.

“The dexamethasone is the first drug which we observe that it improves the survival in case of COVID-19 “, said in a press release the officials of the trial british Recovery.

According to them, ” a death on eight could be avoided through this treatment for patients placed under mechanical ventilation “.

“This is a major breakthrough in the search for new ways to treat the sick, the Covid “, was delighted in another press release, professor Stephen Powis, medical director of the NHS, the public health service of the uk.

“The benefit in terms of survival is important for patients who are sick enough to need oxygen, for which the dexamethasone should become the basic salary,” said one of the leaders of the trial Recovery, professor Peter Horby, university of Oxford.

“The dexamethasone is not expensive, already sold, and can be immediately used to save lives around the world,” he continued.

This drug is already used in many indications for its anti-inflammatory effect powerful.

In the context of the trial Recovery, 2104 patients have received this treatment (orally or intravenously) for 10 days.

In comparing it to 4321 with other patients who had not received, the researchers have determined that the treatment reduced by one third the mortality in patients under artificial ventilation.

In addition, mortality has been reduced by one fifth in patients less severely ill, who administered oxygen through a face mask without intubation.

In contrast, the treatment showed no benefit for patients who did not require respiratory assistance.

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