A student of the University is missing

Un étudiant de l’UdeM manque à l’appel

A Frenchman who was hosting his little brother came to finish her session at the University of Montreal is on the alert since her disappearance last Monday, in the metropolis.

“I feel a sacred responsibility vis-à-vis the small. It is home to me…”, said Yannick Jourdan, the big brother of Axel Jourdan, struggling to contain his emotions.

His younger brother has left the family apartment in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve on July 13, in the afternoon, leaving behind his cell phone, his wallet, his keys and even his eye glasses.

The 23-year-old — ,” a smart guy “, according to his brother, — came to Quebec to complete a course in political science at the University of Montreal in January. He suffers from anxiety and takes medication for high blood pressure.

Axel Jourdan weighs 120 kilos (265 pounds), about 1m75 (5 feet 9), has black skin and wears sports shoes blue. He moves to the foot and could be found in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve or near the University of Montreal.

Of French origin, the young man has family in France, Ivory Coast, Togo and Quebec who are concerned for his well-being.

“Axel, come home to your big brother and your parents who are suffering at home. No matter the problem, there is a solution, ” argues her brother. “We are devastated, his mom and me. We need him, ” adds his father, Gatien Jourdan, in France.

Any person having information regarding this disappearance may contact the 911 or position of district.

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