A study suggests wearing a mask for all

Une étude suggère le port du masque pour tous

The port widespread of masks in the public space could reduce “significantly” the spread of the coronavirus and, combined with the containment measures, it would mitigate a second wave of infections, according to a british study.

The modeling done by researchers from the universities of Cambridge and Greenwich suggests that the containment measures alone cannot prevent the resurgence of the COVID-19.

Even the masks on a small scale, despite their limited effectiveness, would reduce “significantly” the rate of transmission of the virus as long as they are worn by enough people, according to these experts.

“If we combine the widespread use of the facial mask with the distancing physical and a certain containment, this could be an acceptable means of controlling the pandemic and enable economic activity, even before a vaccine becomes available,” says the lead author of this study, Richard Stutt, in a press release.


The scientists, who tend to study the diseases of plants, have assessed the combined effect of wearing a mask and periods of confinement on the propagation of the coronavirus in the company.

In the scenarios studied, the port of a systematic mask in public by more than 50 % of the population would smooth out the future wave of contamination, and to consider containment measures to be less severe, one can read in the press release. The benefits of the mask are even more evident when it is adopted by 100 % of people.

The study also reveals that it is preferable to wear it in public, whether or not of symptoms. This strategy would be two times more effective in preventing transmission of community that if it is worn only after the onset of symptoms.

The researcher Richard Stutt think, therefore, that it should be adopted on the basis of ” immediate and universal “. The authors remind us that the masks, especially craft, is even more protective of the other that the person who wears it.

Evolution of policies

At the beginning of the pandemic, many governments and authorities, including the Quebec and the world health Organization, were reluctant to encourage the wearing of the mask at a large scale for fear of creating a shortage that would endanger the health care workers.

On the 12th of may last, bearing himself with a mask at the press conference, the prime minister François Legault is set to recommend “strongly” the port of the cover faces in public.

However, it does not replace the rules, such as distancing, physical, frequent hand washing and isolation of sick people.

— With the QMI Agency

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