A supporter of Tymoshenko Anastasia Prikhodko provoked a scandal with police in Paris

Сторонница Тимошенко Анастасия Приходько спровоцировала скандал с полицией в Париже

today, 07:46

Anastasia Prikhodko with the scandal and with the involvement of local police was kicked out of the Louvre in Paris. Video the singer posted on his Instagram.

As it turned out, the Ukrainian singer, along with his producer and songwriter Tigran Grigoryan decided to shoot in the main Museum in the world. But unbeknownst to them it was not possible – according to the offenders, “they ran the entire police force of Paris.”

Subsequently, Prikhodko said that had permission to shoot inside, but man, it was late, from-for what there was a misunderstanding with the police.

To see Paris and to die is garbage! But to see the Louvre and to you the police asked him to leave these memories for a lifetime – signed live singer

The title our all! But not so))) Enough that we all took, really, the Louvre can not shoot with us was a man who lived in France, he had permission from city Hall for filming, we for half a year to apply for a permit, but at precisely the moment when we began preparing for the shoot, Max was just too late at the time)))) Well, we had the English to explain that we are all okay, thank God 15 minutes of explanation that we have the right to shoot, uses Max and gives police permission))) And then you will see for yourself. frames are writes Prikhodko

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