A surrogate mother to a cancer survivor

Une mère porteuse pour une survivante du cancer

The cancer survivor May Duong, who is well known for its vast campaign donations of stem cells six years ago, has received its most beautiful gift of a surrogate mother this week : a second child.

“She is amazing. This is an extraordinary woman, ” says Mai Duong about the one who gave birth to the little Beatrice last Thursday.

“It is completely gaga,” she said about her miracle baby. It just makes the watch all the time, ” she adds, laughing.

Mai Duong is this Montreal coconut shaved and the bright smile which has made the fight against leukemia had been widely publicized in 2014.

The mom in 2014 with her first daughter when she was waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

She needed a bone marrow transplant to survive, but being of vietnamese origin, no donor was compatible. In three weeks, more than 1,000 people from the community had responded to the campaign ” Save Mai Duong “.

She was already a mother of a little girl of three years old at the time. Pregnant with her second child, she had had the abortion before taking his first treatments at 15 weeks of pregnancy.

“It was a decision super sad,” she recalls.

Farewell to fertility

Today 40-year old Mai Duong is considered cured. But the chemo treatments and radiation treatment have undermined its fertility.

Fortunately, she and her husband had to freeze four embryos in the fertility clinic just before you begin chemotherapy treatments that are more aggressive. Their dream of expanding the small family was therefore possible, but the child was to be worn by someone else.

In Québec, it is forbidden to resort to a surrogate mother in exchange of remuneration. Pregnancy must therefore be free of charge, as a gift.

“There are so many more people that want this service, surrogate mothers,” explains Ms. Duong, who has done business with an agency that pairs couples and potential mothers.

Thus, they are fallen on the gem : Isha-Claire, Dey.

Coup de foudre

“It was love at first sight. It has really clicked, ” said Ms. Dey.

“[During childbirth], the nurses could not believe that we didn’t know before “, abounds Mai Duong.

The little Beatrice Stesin was born this week.

The “loop” cancer is now buckled, was delighted to Mai Duong.

In his life, two mothers have made a gift she will never forget. The one that gave him the umbilical cord in 2014 which gave him access to the stem cells necessary to defeat his leukemia. And Isha-Claire, Dey.

“It is the most beautiful gift we could hope for. ”

A woman who has been touched by her story

As soon as she read the story of Mai Duong, Isha-Claire, Dey knew that she would be willing to be a surrogate mother for her, for the first and last time in his life.

This lab technician of 40 years has always been moved by the stories of women who struggle to fall pregnant. Especially since her pregnancies she had always been easy.

Une mère porteuse pour une survivante du cancer

Photo courtesy
Isha-Clear Dey
Surrogate mother

“It has always been “bing, bang, boom”, ” says the one who is the mother of one adult and two teenagers.

His sister had already asked if she wanted to be a surrogate mother for her, but it was ultimately not needed. The idea has, however, continued to simmer in his head.

“I said to myself : “if I am able to give this chance to someone else…” “

“My biggest fear, it was to give the child to someone who does not deserve it “.

She wanted to make sure to find a couple of which it would share its values.

Mai Duong was ” a perfect match “.

Because it has not only survived cancer, but she also knew how to make her fight be useful to others. Three people of asian origin were able to benefit from a stem cell transplant thanks to his campaign of 2014. And once in remission, she has created the foundation Swab the world, who tries to recruit millions of donors ethnic around the world.

“You do not have more than 20 years “

The pregnancy, however, has not been as easy as the previous ones, ” she says. “The doctor said to me : “You do not have more than 20 years, Ms. Dey”. There was rust in my system, ” she said, laughing.

In addition, she had to take medications that amplify the effects of pregnancy, such as nausea.

But all in all, the experience was ” incredible “.

“It is so moving […] I really look forward to May and Vlad [the dad] have their child. All that I have done, it is in this aim. “

“It’s amazing the sacrifice and the gift of self that she has done, said Mai Duong, who has the intention of staying in touch. She became like a member of the family. “

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