A teacher at UQAM resigned after an investigation

Un enseignant de l’UQAM démissionne après une enquête

A lecturer at UQAM’s denounced over a hundred former students for his inappropriate behaviour has just resigned, following an internal investigation by the university.

“The responsible persons have carried out the investigation, met with the person in question. It has also been able to know some of the conclusions of the investigation, which lasted seven days, and he resigned during the meeting. We went to the end of that process “, detailed Jennifer Desrochers, director of the Division of media relations of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

Un enseignant de l’UQAM démissionne après une enquête

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Benoit Prégent
Lecturer resigned

The Journal revealed two weeks ago that Benoit Prégent, a lecturer at the School of media involved also in the middle of the television, was denounced in a letter addressed to the Office of intervention and prevention of harassment of the university.

The missive, signed by over 100 former students, was state abuse of power, intimidation, threats and physical touching without consent, alleged to have been committed Prégent in the course of his long career at UQAM.

The latter had denied the bulk of the allegations, saying he did not understand what he was accused.

The Journal was able to interview nine individuals who identified themselves as having experienced or have been witnesses of the gestures.

Two of his former students have stated that they have had to “jump over” to be embraced by the teacher.

UQAM says to be reached “without delay” and have started its internal investigation on the same day of the receipt of the letter, on July 15.

However, because of the confidentiality surrounding the procedure, it was impossible for the institution to reveal the consequences which would face Benoit Prégent if he had not resigned.

“The possible sanctions range from warnings up to and including dismissal,” said Jennifer Desrochers.

For years

Several victims with whom The Journal was able to speak to allege that the behaviors of Prégent were “very well known” for years.

The “checks” are underway to determine if measures may be taken against staff members who remained silent in the face of inappropriate behavior.

“The fight against sexual violence, it is the business of all. All members of the community, be they victims, witnesses or informed people of a situation, are invited to come and report or lodge a complaint, ” added Ms. Desrochers.

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