A teacher of the North Shore is suing the parents for $ 90,000

Une prof de la Rive-Nord poursuit des parents pour 90 000 $

A teacher of a secondary school in Boisbriand is claiming $ 90,000 to parents of a student 12 years of age who would be wrongly accused of having ” brutally attacked “, and this has led to heavy consequences on his life and career.

“[Marie-Hélène Marchand] has been the victim of a violation of backstab to his reputation, where she has been shamed and deeply troubled by the words and acts of the [parents] and their minor son “, it is alleged in the civil lawsuit filed recently at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

The teacher of mathematics is precise to have been convened by the direction of his school may 1, 2019, and then suspended for an indefinite period, without any explanation. She was then escorted out of the establishment, without having the right to speak to anyone.

“Humiliated “

“[It] has never been so humiliated in his whole life so that she felt watched and perceived as a guilty person so that his colleagues did not understand what was happening to him […] “, one can read in the court document.

It is only after a week “cloistered in her home in a state of stress and panic,” a police officer of the Régie intermunicipale de Thérèse-de-Blainville has informed that the parents of a student of secondary 1 students accused him of assaulting their son “in such a brutal way that the marks would have remained on the arm of the young boy,” says the lawsuit.

However, when a police officer questioned the child again in the wake of denials vehement of the teacher, the young would have ” finally admitted he had invented the whole story “, one reads in the query.

Although relieved by the withdrawal of the complaint, the teacher in contractual claims to have been a victim of anxiety attacks after the business and have had difficulty finding a position.

No responsibility

In addition, the parents would have persisted ” to put the blame on the teacher, not acknowledging any responsibility in the actions of their son “, one can read in the lawsuit.

“It is the [mother] who has spread the false words of his son with the direction […] [It] did not at any time thought about the consequences that his actions might have on [the teacher], as she has rather supported the version to say the least, astonishing, and very little credible to her son, whom she knows very well [be] subject to a number of disorders of behaviour,” argues the lawsuit. The teacher calls for 90 000 $ to Karine Deschamps and Steeve Sirois, as guardians of their son.

“The events […] would certainly have been able to be treated in a manner far different if […] the mother of the young Sirois had been receptive, rational and reasonable in its handling of this situation “, says one.

– With Diane Best

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