A teen of 15 years of full-time in a ltc facility

Un ado de 15 ans à temps plein dans un CHSLD

Sensitive to the reality of the elderly during the pandemic, a teen of 15 years wishes to do its part by taking advantage of the summer déconfinement to work full-time in a CHSLD in Quebec.

This summer, like many young people his age, William Marcotte Dugré, has made its entry on the labour market. If several starting out in catering or in retail trade, the student of 15 years, he has decided to go out and try to brighten the days of our elders.

“I’ve seen several new switch to the tv [on NURSING homes], and it impacted me a lot. I wanted to make a difference, take the time to give them a little happiness, ” says the one who now occupies the position of facilitator in an accommodation centre of the Quebec city region.

Of 35 hours per week, the young man organizes activities with the seniors to allow them to have a change of ideas.

A philanthropist by nature and very involved as a volunteer to the student in a drama program in secondary school were to even start, before you have the job, a tour of musicals in the different NURSING of the Old Capital.

Help his neighbor

Moreover, it is not the money that attracted them to this very first job, he earns barely more than minimum wage, while other positions paid to him have been proposed elsewhere. Rather, it is the satisfaction of helping others motivates him.

“To see the happiness I bring to people, whether for something as simple as putting nail Polish or dancing with them, it is true, my pay,” he said, pretending to be reluctant to deviate from its role as a facilitator to bring comfort to the residents when they need it.

On this picture we can see William Marcotte Dugré for his first day of work in the establishment for the elderly.

Due to the pandemic, William stumbled to several restrictions which have added some special features to his work. In addition to having to wear mask, gloves and a visor all day long, the teenager was due in particular to widen the head to organize activities respecting the sanitary measures.

The parties set aside

His private life has also been particularly impacted by the crisis of the novel coronavirus, given that it needs to put a little gap between his friends and himself.

“He very quickly made the decision not to participate in parties with his friends, even if it is now allowed, to put a person at risk. He is aware that even outside of work, there are issues on the lives of residents, ” says the mother of William, Anne Marcotte, who is extremely proud of the involvement of his son.

The young man who aspires to become a comedian sees this job as an enriching life experience that will allow him to grow. It hoped in particular to encourage other teens to make the turn, and engage with elderly people.

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