A teen shot and killed in a park in Laval

Un ado abattu dans un parc de Laval

The mother of a teenager 17-year-old who was shot by gun fire in the night from Wednesday to yesterday, in Laval, is inconsolable, saying that his son is a good boy who did nothing wrong.

“My son was a good child. It was not part of that “, said yesterday Alibeth Valdés, about the possible fight between young people, which led to the death of his only-begotten son of 17 years, Dario Frometa.

His mother Alibeth Valdés (black) spoke with investigators yesterday.

“I swear to you. I’m not saying that because I’m his mother. It was going to be 18 years of age. He wanted to return to college, and someone came to him to snatch his life, and then mine “, she continued, before melting into tears in the arms of a friend, a few hours after the tragedy.

Of citizens living near the scene of the crime, told the Newspaper, having seen three or four individuals to join a group of young people, around midnight Thursday, in the Park-School of the Explorers, on the boulevard Saint-Elzéar, in the neighbourhood of Vimont.

Dario Frometa was part of the band of friends already present in the park.

Her primary school

“It was the usual place of meeting with his friends in the evening, his routine,” said Ms. Valdes. It was his school the primary. “

A feud of a dozen minutes would have then erupted, according to neighbors who heard the tone of the discussion up.

Then, at least three shots, that the neighbourhood was first mistaken for fireworks, would have sounded in the district.

To 0: 15 a.m., the Service de police de Laval (SPL) has been dispatched to the scene.

The patrollers were discovered Dario Frometa, a teenager who was not known to their service, wounded and unconscious, in the school yard.

The victim, Dario Frometa, 17 years old.

He succumbed to his injuries an hour later, despite cpr.

Another young 18 year old man was also wounded by a projectile. This last was discharged from hospital in the morning.

If no hypothesis is rejected by the SPL, the one that would portray her injured as two rival seems implausible.

The investigation is continuing and would go good train, according to our information.

Several witnesses to the scene have also been interviewed by investigators.

Little collaboration

However, they would work a little for fear of retaliation from the part of the people involved, so that the reasons for the crime remains unclear.

In the afternoon yesterday, several friends and acquaintances of Dario Frometa, visibly shaken by her death, went to the place where he was killed, to collect together.

Beyond the temperature, it would have a been a particularly ” hot ” in Laval.

Many shots were fired and several attacks with knives have been committed, since a few weeks, by young men disorganized, say our sources.

Victims lucky

By chance, the vagueness of the blows would have allowed the majority of victims to get up here.

However, it is also in a park in laval that occurred the first murder of the year in Quebec.

On the 1st of January last, a chicane of young people has led to the death of a teenager 15 years of age, stabbed the weapon in the parc Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, in the neighbourhood of Fabreville.

His ex-best friend 16-year-old is accused of the murder.

By yesterday evening, no arrests had been made in respect of the murder of Dario Frometa, has confirmed the SPL.

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