A teen slice the hand of a rival with a butcher knife

Un ado tranche la main d’un rival avec un couteau de boucher

A young man who participated in brawls between neighborhoods in the paris region in June has been indicted and arrested, suspected of having sliced the hand of another with a butcher knife, a-t-on learned Wednesday from police source.

The clashes particularly violent that had taken place “on the background of the theft of a scooter”, had been held on 11 and 14 June between around fifty young people of Sartrouville and Coal, two neighbouring towns in the north-west of Paris, according to the same source.

The young people were faced with blows of mortars, fireworks, iron bars, baseball bats, and crutches.

On 14 June, a young man of Sartrouville 18-year-old had been the severed hand, and another, aged 19, had been shot in the head.

Hearings, surveys of neighborhoods, and operation of video surveillance helped to identify “an individual minor, adversely known to police”, as the abuser of the young injured his hand, according to police.

The DNA analysis carried out on the sleeve of a sheet of butcher – a kind of knife for churning out the carcass found a few days after the events on the places of the clashes have led to the confused.

Arrested and placed in police custody, he acknowledged having participated in the riots, but denied having used the sheet as a butcher, he has, however, indicated that they have had in hand.

The teenager has been indicted for “attempted murder, voluntary violence in a meeting with weapon” and “participation in a crowd armed”, and detained, said the police.

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