A teenager died of the plague in Mongolia

Un adolescent meurt de la peste en Mongolie

A teenager died of bubonic plague in Mongolia after having hunted and ate a marmot, announced on Tuesday that the health authorities of this country, which has recently registered a series of cases of this disease, like neighbouring China.

This 15 year-old boy, whose contamination has been reported on 6 July, lived in the remote province of Gobi-Altai, in the south-west, where five districts have subsequently had to be isolated from the rest of the territory of mongolia for six days.

“We have quarantined the first 15 people who came into contact with the deceased and those 15 people are administered a treatment with antibiotics,” explained to the press Narangerel Dorj, who is at the head of the public relations department of the ministry of Health.

Two other cases of bubonic plague, involving the brothers, who had also eaten the meat of marmot, were confirmed at the beginning of the month in the province of Khovd, similar to that of the Gobi Altai mountains and located in the extreme west of Mongolia, a country whose borders remain closed because of the pandemic of COVID-19.

More than 140 people were consequently tested in this region, but none had contracted this disease.

At least one person dies each year of the bubonic plague in Mongolia, where campaigns are organized to deter the people from coming marmots or eat them.

In the north of China, the authorities of the city of Bayannur, located in inner Mongolia, have discovered a dozen of days a shepherd was suffering from this disease.

The world health Organization (WHO) has recently stated to follow closely the cases of bubonic plague in China, ensuring that there was not a high threat in this area and that the situation was “well-managed”.

In this context, in Russia, the health services announced last week that it has begun a campaign to screen for this disease with rodents in Buryatia, a region bordering Mongolia. The Russian authorities have at the same time called upon to do more hunting and eating marmots.

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