A tenant owes at least $ 43,000 in unpaid rent

A tenant owes at least $ 43,000 in unpaid rent

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Landlords in Montreal are enraged by the ineffectiveness of the Administrative Court of Housing system, which allowed a tenant to repeat a ploy to avoid paying a minimum of $ 43,000 in rents out of 10 & nbsp; years.

“& nbsp; I want the Régie to stop encouraging those people. He passed pretty much in front of all the judges. It's incomprehensible & nbsp; “, plague Michel Bounadère, 67 & nbsp; years.

This owner of a two-story duplex in the Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough was one of the many victims of Daniel Daigle.

Michel Bounadère, former owner of Daniel Daigle, in Montreal.

He was his landlord from late 2018 to early 2020, and Daigle owes him $ 11,622 in rent, according to a judgment from the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL), formerly called the Régie du logement.


“And that just covers the rent.” Not the costs of the Régie, the lawyers, and the months following the judgment & nbsp; “, remarks the one who had to delay his retirement, in order to make up for these financial losses.

For 10 years at least

A search on the TAL website finds that the 56-year-old man and his wife, Linda Rondeau, owe more than $ 43,000 in unpaid rent since 2010 to ten owners.

“He knows the system well. He found all his loopholes. It [the system] must be rethought & nbsp; “, laments one of his ex-owners, who asked to keep his name silent for fear of reprisals. & Nbsp;

In fact, all of his ex-owners interviewed by Le Journal confided to fear him and his associates.

“& nbsp; Arrogant & nbsp;” and “& nbsp; runny & nbsp;”

Daigle seemed to use the same ploy. At first, he presented himself in a good light, creating a bond of trust and even offering to pay a few hundred dollars by check up front.

Then the problems started. Daigle did not pay a round for months, became “arrogant” and “& nbsp; runny & nbsp;”, we were told.

Then, he shone by his absence during appearances before the Régie, contesting and stretching the procedures, until his ousting.

“We managed to get rid of it with a lot of effort and anxiety,” says another owner who demands anonymity.

He claims to have lost about $ 10,000 in rents, bailiff fees and procedures with the Régie.

Despite the convictions, these cheated owners have never managed to see the color of their money again.

“& nbsp; It's complicated for them, deplores the president of the Association of Quebec Owners, Martin Messier. There is a fee for tracking down the tenant and for foreclosure, without conviction to get anything out of it. If the tenant doesn't have the money, it's not easy. & Nbsp; “

Ex-owners of Daigle believe that the Housing Court should “& nbsp; be inspired by him to correct its flaws & nbsp;”.

“& nbsp; The Régie sees a pattern that she does not want to recognize. She doesn’t accept responsibility, one of them denounced. The machine is broken, and he's playing with it. & Nbsp; “

” But there is currently no way to stop it, “he says.

< p>Met at his home in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Montérégie, Daigle commented that he was “& nbsp; impossible & nbsp;” that he owed such a sum, before closing the door of his apartment in the face of the representative of the Journal .

He then went out to film it, with the intention of take note of his license plate.

A recent judgment ordered Daniel Daigle to pay his rent on the 1st of the month, otherwise he will be evicted, after his current owner denounced a delay of payment to the Administrative Housing Court.

Responsibility to landlords, responds the Court

The Administrative Court of Housing denies not intervening with tenants who never pay their rent, because it is not about its ” & nbsp; mission & nbsp; ”, thereby placing the blame on the owners.

“& Nbsp; The decisions of the Tribunal only have effect between the parties concerned by the action”, replied by email Denis Miron, spokesperson for the Tribunal (formerly called the Régie du logement), about the steps taken to enforce judgments.

“& nbsp; In addition, when a decision contains binding conclusions and one party refuses to comply with [them], the other party may take steps to force its execution & nbsp; “, he continues, specifying also that the judgments are public and accessible to the owners.

Never look like a fraud

“The sinews of the day are verification. There are several owners who are just looking at the credit check. [Bad payers] walk around until a landlord isn't looking. They are the ones who get caught & nbsp; “, says the president of the Association of Quebec Landlords, Martin Messier.

” & nbsp; People always say: 'he didn't have the look like that ”. A good fraudster does not look like a fraudster & nbsp; “, he says.

Mr. Messier regrets, however, that the Tribunal does not have a better computer system to record its decisions .

And above all, that it does not have an element that would allow you to “flag” quickly the tenants responsible for & nbsp; many setbacks.

“& nbsp; There is complete impunity in the execution of decisions. These people continue without ever paying anything to anyone & nbsp; “, maintains Mr. Messier.

According to him, the draconian solution remains to require a security deposit for the last two months of rent.

“& nbsp; It's a game changer & nbsp;”, he concludes.

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