A thief of bikinis sentenced to four and a half years in prison

Un voleur de bikinis condamné à quatre ans et demi de prison

A thief in the Lower Laurentians, who stole underwear and bikinis for the residents of his neighborhood to satisfy his sexual deviance, was sentenced Friday to four and a half years of detention.

Voyeurism, action indecent, a dozen break-and-enter, theft under $ 5,000, possession of child pornography, trespass at night, being naked in a public place : Yannick Coutu has pleaded guilty to a string of accusations Friday. Man of 46 years has already a long road map criminal full of offenses that are similar.

“Out of control “

In the summer of 2018, a resident of Boisbriand has ” sided “, according to what was told to the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

The one which consumes “a lot of methamphetamine” spent his nights lurking in the courses of the residences in the neighbourhood, in the south-west of the city.

Coutu has stolen many mundane objects, like a beach ball, a book for children, a rifle, water, a magic bag, and of the fidelity cards of shops, including. But what the thief has stolen in larger quantities, these are swimwear and underwear for the children as well as bikinis for ladies, spread out on dryer.

He used then these effects intimate to “dress up” trees or cushions, on which it is masturbait to satisfy his fantasies in wooded areas.

Coutu was taken when he was captured by a surveillance camera. The criminal has also filmed some of its sessions in the forest with a cell phone that was found on him during his arrest in August 2018.


For the defense, this series of crimes was in any way a cry for help on the part of Coutu, who wanted to put an end to this spiral deviant.

“He worked hard inside during his detention on remand. He is ripe to move on to another appeal “, pointed out to Me, Louis-Alexandre Martin.

At first, Me Caroline Buist, of the Crown, rather that ” an abuser of power, a ticking time bomb “.

“It was the day before a disaster happens “, she noted.

But since Coutu now recognizes his problem and is open to follow specialized therapy available to the prison in Percé, the lawyers have suggested in conjunction with the judge Nancy McKenna to impose a sentence of 54 months of imprisonment.

“If he does not grasp his chance now, we have all the elements for it to go to the moon if there is recidivism “, was illustrated by the prosecutor, alluding to a long sentence.

The thief apologized Friday, saying he had “very ashamed” and that he finds his actions ” completely absurd “.

The magistrate endorsed the proposal of the counsel, by stipulating to Pjc that his greatest wish was that he could function normally in society one day.

Detained since his arrest, he has only two years less a day to be served.

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