A thought for its residents

Une pensée pour ses résidents

The walk to the ring are the last moments that the concentration of a boxer must be at its maximum. Before stepping into the ring against Natalie Gonzalez, Kim Clavel has used these moments to have a thought for the residents who lost their lives during the critical phase of the pandemic, the COVID-19.

“I thought of my residents that I met during the pandemic, and the residents who have lost their fight against the COVID-19, said Kim Clavel after his fight in an interview to the Journal de Montréal. I wanted to go and beat me to them other and for the cutman Bob Miller, who is currently in the intensive care unit (operation heart).

“It has given me strength. I wanted to fight in their memory.”

The boxer 29-year-old was able to channel his emotions. Subsequently, she put herself in the bubble battle. When the first bell rang, she experienced sensations that she did not know.

“I felt special and a little numb, said Clavel. My first round went as I had imagined. I was stable, fast and I have used my jab.

  • Réjean Tremblay, a columnist at Journal de Montréal, is back on the victory of Kim Clavel at QUB Radio:

“I’m not fallen into the trap of wanting to do too much.”


With the events of the last few months, Kim Clavel was no longer an unknown when it is pointed in the ring of “The Bubble” on Monday. For the first time in her career, she was in the spotlight.

“There was no distraction in the bubble, but the pressure was present, said Clavel. It was an evening of several firsts for me. This was my first fight on a big american network television.

“I had to manage a lot of things in the last few months. Several people have put me on a foot of estale because of my Espy Award. I didn’t want to be recognized for my humanitarian side. I wanted to prove that I was at my place.”

This pressure is gone after the first round. Subsequently, the boxer did not leave any chance to Natalie Gonzalez.

“We had an ideal scenario, has underlined her coach Danielle Bouchard. The thing to do in this struggle for Kim was to manage the pressure.

“It was big. It is the only one in quebec who can boxer at the present time. In the United States, it has been very coveted. She managed to put it in a small drawer and do what she had to do. It is extraordinary what she accomplished.”

In control

From the first to the last second, Clavel has been in control of her duel against Gonzalez.

“I thought she would try more, stressed Clavel. It has been neutralized and we did hesitate. She is discouraged. It should not be mistaken. Gonzalez is a good boxer.”

“Kim has a very good defensive,” added Bouchard. There are several shots of Gonzalez that are passed into the void. It is also the sport of boxing.”

The left hook was the weapon of choice of the boxer to the GYM. It has been used with effectiveness.

“Before the fight, I said to Steph (Larouche) and Danielle that my hook would spend the entire evening and this is what happened. I can say that I have speared the barracuda (nickname Gonzalez) !”

What is the sequence of things to do for Clavel ? There is a little of the unknown to the horizon.

“I would like boxer in Quebec, but it will depend on the decisions of the public health, she mentioned. If they me réinvitent in Las Vegas, I will accept the invitation with pleasure.”

In the meantime, it will take a few days off to rest and recharge his batteries for his next challenge.

In the minutes after the victory of Kim Clavel, it was learned that the fight between Eleider Alvarez and Joe Smith jr will take place on 22 August in Las Vegas.

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