A three-for Alexandra Stréliski

Un en trois pour Alexandra Stréliski

Alexandra Stréliski was in the running for three, she finally managed to win a Juno award when his fabulous INSCAPE was named instrumental album of the year in Canada.

The montreal pianist was, however, bent the spine in the face of Alessia Cara, for the prestigious Juno award for album of the year, and the singer Lennon Stella in the race for the title of newcomer of the year.

In a message sent to the Log, Stréliski said that it was pleased with the progress made and commended the work of his entourage.

“All of this, she added, is a beautiful reminder that music has no boundaries and that what counts in the end is the connection between our hearts. But I forget especially never, if my album is made there, today, it is also thanks to the strength of the quebec public that has supported me from the beginning. “

First for The Praise and Half Moon Run

Vincent Roberge,
alias The Praises

Eight of the forty-two statuettes have been awarded to artists from quebec. In the lot, we note the first victory in the career of the montreal band Half Moon Run, which has put the hand on the Juno for album adult alternative, a category where were also finalists Leonard Cohen and Patrick Watson.

The newcomer Praise has also received his first Juno. It has topped Koriass, Loud, Jean Leloup and Fred Pellerin for the trophy reserved for the francophone album of the year.

Alessia Cara has achieved the best performance of the evening by winning three Juno awards thanks to his album The Loaves of Growing. Shawn Mendes has won two.


Francophone Album

  • The night is a panther, The Praises

Instrumental Album

  • INSCAPE, Alexandra Stréliski

Vocal jazz Album

  • Stay Tuned!, Dominique Fils-Aimé

Album jazz solo

  • Migration, Jacques Kuba Séguin

Album adult alternative

  • A Blemish in the Great Light, Half Moon Run

Album blues

  • Mad Love, Dawn Tyler Watson

Classical Composition

  • Evta, Ana Sokolovic
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