A toddler of 18 months unconscious in Quebec city

Un bambin de 18 mois inconscient à Québec

The police of Quebec and the paramedical services are occurred Friday morning at a residence in Quebec to rescue a toddler of 18 months who was unconscious.

The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) was called to assist around 7: 39 in a building with two housing units located in the district of Chutes-Montmorency, in the borough of Beauport.

The Cooperative of ambulance technicians in Québec (CTAQ), which brings the child to the hospital, indicates that the latter featured a level of “altered consciousness”.

According to our information, it is the absorption of GHB that would have put the toddler in this second state.

“It is currently carrying out an investigation to establish the circumstances regarding the state of health of the child which resulted in her transport to the hospital,” says the spokesperson for the SPVQ Pierre Poirier, who does not confirm, for the moment, the ingestion of an illicit substance.

People will be met within the next few hours to find out their involvement in this case.

Christiane Hudon, a neighbour met her at the scene of the incident, said to have been traumatized at the sight of the unconscious child.

“He had the air no evil lifeless when I saw him get out of the house in the arms of his mother. I was upset,” breath she said, still in shock.

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