A touching poem by Tire Nichols' sister

A touching poem by the sister of Tire Nichols


Tyre Nichols' sister read a touching poem at her brother's funeral, days after he died of injuries inflicted by police in a beating.  

He had been beaten relentlessly until he was unrecognizable to his family.  

Several personalities attended at the highly publicized funeral, including Vice President Kamala Harris.  

Here is the full poem read by the victim's sister.   

I'm just trying to get home 

Is that too much to ask?  

I broke no law  

On my way  

I broke through the barriers  

That are built to hold me back  

< em>I'm just trying to get home  

Where the love is strong and the smiles warm  

Like the sunsets that comfort me  

In the cold storms  

I'm just trying to get home  

I hear the sirens and I see the lights 

The instructions are clear  

Blacks on the left, and blues on right  

I'm only trying to get home  

I deserve to be safe< /em> 

In a time when badges, boots and flashlights  

Point at my face < /em> 

I'm just trying to get home  

Does anyone hear the pain in my tears  

Difficulty in my breathing?  

God answers then: come home my child  

You will finally be able to rest