A tour for Alexandre Da Costa and his orchestra

Une tournée pour Alexandre Da Costa et ses musiciens

At a time when the majority of the tours are on break, Alexandre Da Costa and the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil, are preparing to visit a dozen cities in Quebec. A series of outdoor concerts consolations, which will be presented until the end of September in NURSING homes, and retirement homes.

Concerts for the residents of these places, who will be able to listen from their balconies, but that will also be open to the public with 250 spectators in the distance.

“We want to go see the people everywhere in Quebec, and share the music with them “, has launched the violinist and conductor of the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil.

This series of free performances done sequel to the series of Balconies symphony where the orchestra has presented, in recent months, a score of external services in CHSLDS.

“There has been, from our first concert, Easter, in the presence of light in the eyes of these people. We felt that it brought more than a small moment of escape. The music and the culture are essential for humanity “, he noted, during a phone interview.


The Six musicians of the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil under the direction of Alexandre Da Costa will offer concerts of 45 minutes in fifteen cities of Québec. The musicians will rotate throughout the tour which will begin next week in the Quebec city region.

The events will be announced, the day-to-day, on the page Facebook of the Orchestra and Alexandre Da Costa. Plans B in the interior will be in place if the temperature is not adequate.

The set will feature re-workings of instrumental songs striking in the québec repertoire and international. Securities Ginette Reno, Edith Piaf, Luc Plamondon, Claude Dubois, Aznavour and other “symphonisés” in the language of the whole longueuillois.

“We’re going to take it with us to Jacques Michel, Le blues du businessman, quand les hommes vivront d’amour of Raymond Lévesque, La bohème, La vie en rose and many others “, has enumerated the chief.

In addition to entertaining people, the tour Balconies symphony will allow musicians to be active and work.

“A musician who doesn’t play, it is death. We feel as if our core activity, which gives us a reason to live, is no longer there. We are musicians and artists who need to share our music and our projects, ” said the violinist.

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