A transgender wins a cycling competition and it displeases many

A transgender woman wins a cycling competition and ç ; several


The presence of a transgender female cyclist on the top step of the podium at a competition held on Sunday in New York shocked several athletes who considered her competition unfair.  

Playing with LA Sweat, Tiffany Thomas won the Randall's Island Criteria. The photo showing her with the other two medalists drew criticism on social media from NYC Cycling News. Some, whether or not they evolve in the world of cycling, therefore believe that transgender people will inevitably bet on a physical advantage vis-à-vis their rivals.

Finding herself in the main category of her sport, Thomas has gone from simple beginner to elite cyclist in just five years, even though she is in her forties, said one Internet user. Also, according to the Road Results website, she took first place 16 times during her career.

For its part, the American cycling association says it respects the criteria in force within the International Cycling Union (UCI) regarding the participation of transgender people. “Athletes transitioning from women to men are eligible to compete in the men’s category with a written statement signed by a UCI medical officer. It is the responsibility of the athletes to be informed of the policies of the world and American anti-doping agencies”, specified the national federation.

As for those who have become women, they must have declared their feminine gender, according to the authorities. “The athlete must prove that the total level of testosterone in his body is less than 2.5 nanomoles per liter for a minimum period of 24 hours. Everything must remain below this bar during the desired eligibility period to compete in a women's category.”

Scientist and cyclist

Despite the recriminations against his standard-bearer, LA Sweat seems to display the same enthusiasm about him, if we judge the biography published on his site.

“Tiffany is a scientist by day and an athlete by night. His favorite field is blood cells. You'll never see anyone with a bigger smile than her as she examines a beautiful photo of a microscopic electron. And she has never met a bicycle, a dumbbell or a dog that she did not like,” wrote the organization.

-Among the number of similar cases recorded recently, note the victory of Lia Thomas, a transgender, at an NCAA women's swim race last March.

-In related news, International Athletics Federation President Sebastian Coe said Thursday that transgender people will be banned from women's competitions under the aegis of his organization “as of March 31”.