A tribute to the military dispatched in a CHSLD

Un hommage à des militaires dépêchés en CHSLD

Reservists trifluviens who have volunteered to work in CHSLDS were thanked along with other military during a recognition ceremony.

Attendants for beneficiaries of the accommodation Centre Nazaire-Piché, Lachine, Montreal, have sent a glowing thank you for the help they received. Seventeen members of the naval reserve Radisson Trois-Rivières had lifted the hand to go to work in the shelter while they were not forced to do so.

“The need was so out there that I would have felt so bad not to attend while I am there, I am young and that I can work,” said Ariel Smith, a seaman third-class.

This last is a reservist of the royal canadian Navy and a student in communication. She and her colleagues were given non-medical tasks to move the residents, provide meals, transport of the material, do the housekeeping and chatting with the residents.

“We have a lot of time to talk to them, listen to their problems, talk a little bit about what is happening of their day. Even being on the night shift I had this opportunity-there”, stressed Christophe Godin-Ayotte, seaman first class. He is a law student.

The two reservists are not sorry to be volunteered. “We adapted very well,” added Ariel Belanger. It is sure that it is a work different from what we are usually accustomed to, but I think we did a good job,” added the sailor Bélanger.

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