A tropical storm in the guise of a warning

Une tempête tropicale en guise d’avertissement

Despite less damage than expected, tropical storm Isaias has served a warning to Quebecers who are in Florida at the beginning of hurricane season.

“It was like a test preparation. The authorities tell us : “You are in the middle of hurricane season, prepare yourself because we’re going to see more of”, ” agrees Marie Poupart, author and journalist behind the page The Florida of Mary.

Mary Poupart, Florida.

After having scanned a part of the west Indies, the depression moved to the east coast of Florida on Sunday, where they recorded winds up to 105 km/h, according to the national hurricane Center based in Miami.

“It would certainly have been worse,” said meteorologist Brett Rossi in the Palm Beach Post, noting that without the great winds and the dry air, Isaias could have become a hurricane of category 2 or 3.

The tropical storm did not, however, regained hurricane status, contrary to the forecast, which announced that it regagnerait into force at the contact of the warm waters of the straits of Florida.

“When you live in Florida, it is necessary to be prepared for hurricanes,” adds Ms. Poupart also collaboratice to the Journal.

If the generators, flashlights and a supply of food, non-perishable, have not been required to confront Isaias, they will be likely in the next few weeks.

As usual

Sunday, many Floridiens were going about their daily business as if nothing had happened.

Of the inhabitants of Fort Pierce Florida took advantage of the winds of Isaias, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday.

“There has never been a question thatIsaias is more than a category 2. Personally, I starts to annoy me when they say it may be a category 4, ” says the lawyer, quebec Nancy Lapierre, who came and settled in the south 25 years ago.

In the morning, she went for a walk on the beach and lunch on the terrace of a restaurant.

At the height of the storm, to 13 h, the Florida adoption could see the palm trees waving under a thin rain from the window of his house in Delray Beach.

The category 1 storm Isaias has been downgraded to a tropical storm after it passed over the Bahamas, the dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. He has made a victim on the small american territory, where the body of a 56 year old woman was discovered Saturday in a vehicle swept away by the waters.

On Monday and Tuesday, the tropical storm must go back to the Carolinas in the South and the North, moving away gradually from the coast to the level of Georgia.

The hurricane season stretches from the 1st of June to the end of November and has, on average, six hurricanes, including three major.

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