A truck driver denounces the presence of a camera which films her when she changes

A truck driver denounces the presence of a camera which films her when 'she's changing


An American truck driver has been in the news since she posted a video where she unscrupulously attacks her employer, who she says installed an “intrusive” surveillance camera.  

In a nearly 3-minute excerpt posted on March 8, user @originaltruckerbarbie2.0 points out that her employer installed a camera in her truck last October.

Since then, she denounces that the camera which films her at all times, even when she is changing.

“I really liked this company. Unfortunately, that completely changed when she decided to install cameras in our trucks,” she says.

The cameras are found both inside and outside the truck.

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According to her, the one installed inside never stops filming when she is on duty. It would be the opposite for the cameras outside, which switch off 15 minutes after the truck stops.

“However, my camera inside remains open and films me even when I change,” laments the American.

Cameras with multiple functions

The user posted this video on TikTok to raise awareness the population to the surveillance carried out by its company, while not denouncing the practices which are employed there.

The new gadget allows, among other things, to monitor its behavior on the road. She claims she has to constantly keep her eyes on the road to avoid lapses.

“Sometimes I look at the truck screen with the route map to better locate myself, but I get a violation internal distraction. If your eyes leave the road, at any time, you receive the offence,” she points out.

The camera software even detects the distance between the truck and other vehicles.

To avoid reprisals, she does not mention the full name of the company she works for.

Since the installation of the cameras, she maintains that the safety officials at her company have contacted her five times about her driving behavior, including congratulating her on avoiding an accident.

In a new excerpt released by the lady recently, she says she doesn't not having been fired for having castigated the practices of her employer.