A truly Quebec Three Pines

A nice Three Pines


When Prime Video wanted to adapt Louise Penny's novels for the screen, the author had one very specific condition: that the filming be done entirely in Quebec, and with a majority local distribution.

“What's the point of adapting my books if it's to be done elsewhere? The voices of Quebecers were absolutely vital to the project,” insists the Toronto-born novelist. 

Inspector Alfred Gamache has been solving investigations and mysteries in the region of Three Pines, in the Eastern Townships, thanks to the pen of Louise Penny. The success has been constant and unyielding, both with readers and critics. The author therefore does not hide it, the idea of ​​​​seeing her work transposed to the screen was at first “terrifying”. 

“These are characters I'm very attached to – I've written over two million words about them – so it's absolutely terrifying to leave them in other people's hands,” Louise Penny said during a meeting withLe Journal. 

Alfred Molina

She also remembers having breathed her first “sigh of relief” on learning that British-born actor Alfred Molina had been chosen to play Inspector Armand Gamache.

“I knew he was capable of doing an extraordinary job,” breathes the author. 

Around him evolves an exclusively Canadian and Quebec cast. In addition to Vancouver actor Rossif Sutherland, viewers will be able to recognize local talent Marie-France Lambert, Sarah Booth, Frédéric-Antoine Guimond and Marie-Josée Bélanger throughout the eight episodes of Three Pines , posted on the Prime Video platform twice a week from December 2.

And even before the start of the broadcast, Louise Penny is already proclaiming loud and clear her desire to see Inspector Gamache resume service for one, or even several additional seasons. 

“With Alfred Molina in the main role, a production company like Left Bank and Quebec as a backdrop, how could we want to s stop after just one season? she blurts out. Premium Video.