“A turning point in my career”: a promising third show for Simon Gouache

“A turning point in my career”: a third show that promises for Simon Gouache


Simon Gouache is very proud of his third solo show, which he is about to unveil to the general public. In addition to considering him his best in career, he even goes so far as to believe that he will be important for the rest of things.

“I think it's going to be a show which will be a turning point in my career. Because I feel that as a comedian, I have gone elsewhere.”

Simon Gouache doesn't flatter his braces unnecessarily when he talks about LIVE, his third one-man-show that he once again designed with his two longtime acolytes, Pascal Mailloux (script-edition ) and Marie-Christine Lachance (director).

The 38-year-old comedian sincerely believes, in writing this show, to have “opened up” something in him on the creative plane. “It made me think my career best number is yet to be written. It's a total change of vision for my career. »

Simon Gouache had to change his way of working on the break-in of this show, unlike the previous two. The reason ? He is now the father of two children aged two years and four months.

“I was completely exhausted”

When he rode his previous shows, the comedian embarked full force in a marathon of performances and did not look at his hours. This time, since “98% of my daily life is with children”, he asked his team for changes.

“The first break-ins, I had a baby and my wife was a few months pregnant. I told my producer that I couldn't do [long shows] anymore, because I didn't have the mental toughness anymore. I was completely exhausted. ”

His team thus decided to add two first parts to him, which each made nearly 20 minutes of spectacle. And Gouache, he would then arrive with a half-hour part that he would refine over the months. “ It was a completely different technique from A beautiful evening [his second show]. 

Simon Gouache admits it bluntly, his new reality de papa scared his collaborators, who didn't think he would be able to launch his new show.

“But I got there because I'm surrounded by people who are as passionate as I am and mostly honest with me,” he says. […] And also because my girlfriend is absolutely extraordinary! » 

Seeing life differently

Writing this third show , Simon Gouache first said to himself that he would not talk about his new life as a dad. ” I was afraid that a 26-year-old who comes to see the show would think that it was not addressed to him. “

But over the months, he realized the wealth of stories that his two little ones gave him. And above all, he realized how much being a father made him see life differently. 

“It changes your perception of what is important and what is less important, social issues, political issues. Even someone who doesn't have children can connect with that.  »

What does Simon Gouache hope for in the coming years? “I want to be the first example for my children, that they see that their father is passionate about what he does and that he gives 100%. I want to inspire them.”

Simon Gouache will premiere his show LIVE on Tuesday at the Olympia in Montreal. He will also play on March 14, at the Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec City. For all dates: simongouache.com.

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