A vaccine for Christmas

Un vaccin pour Noël

One of the most hard to live, since the beginning of the pandemic, it is to ignore when we will be able to neutralize the virus, the prospect that we will finally resume a normal life.

With no other choice, we learned to live with it, and even to forget it by the end, but the virus COVID has taken control of our lives.

The shackles of sanitary measures and of the distancing, though necessary and understandable to anyone who takes the trouble to inform himself, is coming to the end of many projects and aspirations.

Less happiness

The lower output is not the same as before : go to the restaurant, to the movies, to the hairdresser, to the grocery store, the pharmacy, with waiting time constraints and also the fear is often not very pleasant.

Virus requires, for the human touch have given way to the coldness. The holiday season, synonymous of happiness, of rest and joy, are not in the same lightweight this year. Many projects have had to be revisited, if not cancelled outright, with this sword of Damocles above the head.

Incredible feat

It should nevertheless remain positive, remain hopeful and remember that the situation is only temporary. Also the perspective that an effective vaccine against the COVID can be developed for Christmas, as we reported yesterday in the monthly balance sheet of the race for vaccines and cures, turns out it most encouraging.

This possibility, unthinkable six months ago, would be a scientific feat unheard of if it were to materialize, according to Dr. Richard Beliveau, a columnist at the Newspaper.

Of course, there are still important steps to take before declaring victory, but this glimmer of hope is more than welcome.

It allows us to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel, after this period of gloomy which we would all have passed.

It’s good for you.

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