A veritable battalion to clean up the CHUM

Un véritable bataillon pour nettoyer le CHUM

In this period of a pandemic, the hospitals, accustomed to deal with viruses and bacteria, leave nothing to chance in the fight against the COVID-19.

They invest millions of dollars in prevention and disinfection with specialized teams who have a big goal: prevent the death of patients.

The Centre hospitalier de l’université de Montréal (CHUM), a battalion of 550 people working with hygiene and safety. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they are fifty more to be at work every day.

“Like everyone else, I think it is a little concern, the fact that it arrives in front of a “bibitte” that we don’t know where it happens, and then how it is virulent and aggressive,” says Sylvain Erhsam, person hygiene and safety.

At the CHUM, the annual budget for the hygiene and the safety is $ 25 million. In the aftermath of the departure and of the transfer of patients, attendants perform 70 000 hours of work per year.

Specialized training

The training is for a period of five months, and it has nothing to do with what one could call clean.

“The household, it is really remove the dirt, the dirt that the human eye perceives. Hygiene and safety in environment of care, it is really disinfect the environment”, says Guylaine Gagnon, lecturer in hygiene and safety in the environment of care.

Each year, thirty students who are studying at the Centre polymécanique of Laval, but there is a great deal more.

“I would have the chance to welcome up to 80 per year, I would be well happy, especially as there are many needs of the hospital settings,” says Michel Toutant, director of the institution.

We don’t know when another pandemic will affect us, but the workers of the hygiene and the safety will play roles more important and are not afraid of being infected.

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