A vigil for Fatemeh “and all the other invisible victims”

A vigil for Fatemeh & laquo; and all the other invisible victims & raquo;

MISE & Agrave; DAY

The “No to Law 21” group organized a rally in Montreal on Wednesday evening in support of Fatemeh Anvari, the Chelsea teacher who had to give up her post because of her hijab and for “ all other collateral victims ”.

“I believe that Law 21 has made a lot of invisible victims. The grandfather clause, which allowed everyone to keep their jobs, avoided several incidents, but those who were unemployed had to change careers altogether because of this discriminatory law, ”explained Ehab Lotayef, one of the founders of the Non à la loi 21 group.

About a hundred people were expected at this gathering, which began in front of Place des Arts around 5 p.m. Only about 20 people showed up at the scene, probably due to the inclement weather.

The protest was organized the day after a rally in Chelsea, located about 20 kilometers from Gatineau. “Among those who organized the event, there are relatives of Ms. Fatemeh, we asked them to convey the message to her that we are organizing this event,” added Mr. Lotayef.

Not too early for the support of the NDP

Following the reaction of Jagmeet Singh, who announced on Tuesday that he would support federal intervention to fight the Secularism Act from state to Supreme Court, Lotayef encourages other politicians to follow in his footsteps. “All Canadians should protest against this law, it is not a question of constitutional issues, but of human rights”, he argued.

A few days ago, the Legault government has set up a new department responsible for overseeing the application of the Law on State Secularism.

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