A violent fight escalates in a school in Montreal-North

A violent brawl broke out in a school in Montreal -Nord

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Henri-Bourassa high school in the north of Montreal was the scene of a violent incident on Tuesday that left one injured. Around 3:10 p.m., at the end of classes, an altercation involving a few students broke out in the cafeteria and it degenerated into a fight. & nbsp;

One of the students was injured by a blunt weapon. We do not yet know the type of weapon used in this attack. Young people from outside could have been involved in this story, according to testimonies from schoolchildren met by TVA Nouvelles.

Police officers from the Montreal Police Department intervened and investigators will analyze the videotapes. No suspects have been arrested so far.

When TVA came on Wednesday at noon, two patrols were stationed next to the school. Measures were put in place to strengthen the supervision and safety of students at school.

The parents of the school were quickly informed by the administration. This provided the students and school staff with a team of professionals to provide them with psychosocial support.

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