A “walk of compassion” that pays more than$ 135,000 in

Une «marche de compassion» qui rapporte plus de 135 000$

If their age has prevented them from fulfilling their vocation of caring in the midst of a pandemic, the Augustinians have, nevertheless, contributed to : their “walk of compassion” for 20 days resulted in the harvest of more than 135 000 $ and has a support of size Régis Labeaume.

A dozen sisters of the historic congregation of Quebec had engaged in this challenge in order to raise funds for the respite program and resourcing of the monastery, who comes to the aid of family caregivers and nursing staff.

Each day, they took the departure on the stroke of 11 p.m. from the cross that was erected in their gardens, walking for an hour until you hear the bell tower of the monastery. The sisters, who are older by an average of 80 years, were made despite the blazing sun, the rain and the wind, if you can lend a hand on the ground.

“We had a small regret not to be in the action,” says sister Lise Tanguay. It is difficult to remain in inaction. Nurse, a day nurse, always ! “

“Sisters of the 87 and 88 years old… they have not missed a day. A day of rain, we had to see. They protected their baby walker with a plastic and I was rolling ! ” she says.

A goal of $ 100,000 to be collected from the public was first set by the organizers. “We said : “My God, it is high, 100 000 $ “” says with a smile, sister Lise, the general superior of the Foundation of the monastery of the Augustines. As early as the eleventh day, this amount was reached and under continue to flow. The prize pool amounted to more than $ 135,000 Saturday.

Supporter of the first plan

The twentieth and last step took place under a sky radiant, Saturday, with a new walker in the ranks : the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume. He took the opportunity to sing the praises of the respite program, the beneficiaries of which are living a reality similar to that which he has experienced in the last nine months as a caregiver to his father.

The mayor Régis Labeaume joined the nine sisters for their last day of walking on Saturday. The mayor of Quebec city took the opportunity to praise the work of the Augustinians and is committed to promoting their cause.

“Be patient, it is difficult. But it is even more difficult and expensive when you live far away. […] I thought of those who live [in the region] and who do not want to leave their spouse or their father die alone, because it is ungrateful. It defeated a life and it is ruining them, ” insisted the mayor of Quebec city, which opened for the first time publicly on the death of his father, with the exception of a vibrant poetic homage on the social networks.

Maurice Labeaume has pushed his last breath on the 26th of June at the Hotel-Dieu of Quebec, his death notice enjoining, moreover, the public to make a donation to the monastery of the Augustines.

“It soothes the soul a little bit “

“What are the Augustinians, is that they house these people in addition to cure. […] This is major, the idea of being housed and fed when you live it. It soothes the soul a bit “, says the mayor.

Now that he has experienced the reality of a caregiver, the mayor of Quebec city in the spring, the vision transformed. “I know that in the future, I’m going to give to the Augustinian “, swear Mr. Labeaume.

“This cause, we know less until it catches up with us, he says. The rulers, when they are going to live close, it will wake them up. For me, this is what just happened. “

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