A wall mounted air conditioner caused a fire

Un climatiseur mural provoque un incendie

A wall air conditioner that has overheated in this period of high heat caused a fire Saturday in a building housing the rise in Monette, in the area of Vimont, Laval, causing several tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

The fire was reported at 12: 14 while the residents of the housing were missing, said Carl Lavigne, manager the operations of the division is the Service de sécurité incendie de Laval.

The event has required the intervention of the 26 firefighters had managed to control the situation at 12: 54, mentioned the chief Lavigne, adding that two apartments were affected, either the one where the air conditioner caught fire and the one on the bottom.

“We speak of damages of $ 60,000 to the building and $ 15,000 for the content,” he said.

In all, seven units out of 16 were evacuated.

“The firefighters have had to cope with the heat. They had to be well hydrated and take breaks,” said Mr. Lavigne, in reference to the intense heat which prevails on the south of Quebec currently.

No one was injured.

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