A wedding without a groom: the 38-year-old woman staged a flamboyant ceremony

Instead of rings the bride decided to get a tattoo symbolizing independence

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Свадьба без жениха: 38-летняя женщина устроила эпатажную церемонию

Brazilian married herself

In the city of Belo Horizonte in the East of Brazil 26 may we held an unusual wedding ceremony without the groom. 38-year-old Jussara Dutra Cat became the country’s first woman to marry herself. Instead of rings the bride decided to get a tattoo, symbolizing independence, says the Rio Times.

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To the altar a woman took her 21-year-old daughter, and the ceremony was held by the girlfriend. Cat said that after the wedding will be open to new relationships with other people.

“Many women dream to get married dressed in a white dress. “Salagama” marriage provides such an opportunity, and a woman does not need to do this in the partner. The self love is the sincerest love,” says the bride.

Watch the video: 38-year-old Jussara Dutra Cat married herself

Local media reports that such registration of marriages in Brazil has not yet officially carried out.

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