A white extraordinary !

Un blanc extraordinaire !

Envínate, Ycoden Daute Isora 2018, Benje
27,30 $ – SAQ Code : 14347582 – 12,5 % – <1.2 g/L

The founding members of the collective Envínate are among the most respected winemakers artists and keepers of the vegetation heritage of Spain. They are hunters of land and leave to the discovery of tiny plots sometimes planted to vines hundreds of years old, sometimes lost within the confines of a chain of mountains.

This white wine is made from 100% listán blanco (the name given to the grape variety palomino in the Canary Islands), whose vines are aged 70 to 100 years. The last climb to an altitude of 1200 meters on the western flank of the volcano Teide, on the island of Tenerife.

Everything in this wine is unusual. And everything in this wine pleases me to the highest point. Since its nose, very distinctive white volcanic soil with its delicate hints of reduction, up to its final multi-dimensional with notes of fresh bread out of the oven, olive green and lemon meyer comfit.

The skins of the grapes are left to macerate for seven days with the wort, which explains his outfit and its structure in the mouth. And to ensure that the wine is more dry and digestible, the winemakers are raising a portion of the wine under flor, the same veil of yeast used in the region of Jerez. Really, it’s THE bottle perfect to capture the excitement that animates the Spanish vineyard.

Health ! Salud !

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