A woman appointed to the head of human spaceflight at Nasa

Une femme nommée à la tête des vols habités de la Nasa

Kathy Lueders has been appointed Friday to the head of the directorate of human spaceflight of Nasa, one of the most important jobs of the u.s. space agency, as the return on the Moon is preparing for 2024.

“Kathy Lueders has been selected to lead the office of exploration missions and human operations of Nasa,” said Jim Bridenstine, Nasa administrator, on Twitter.

Ms. Lueders, entrance to Nasa in 1992, headed up to the present the program of commercial flights to be inhabited, crowned with a first success with the launch on the 30th of last may by SpaceX of two astronauts to the international space Station.

It is she who, for years, oversaw the tedious testing program, full of twists and setbacks, to the capsules being developed by SpaceX and Boeing, the other company partner, in order to ensure that the vessels are safe for its valuable passengers.

“This team in the Nasa-SpaceX has always exceeded expectations, they have done miracles for me,” she said during another briefing on may 29.

The program of manned space flights to private, for the account of the Nasa, was launched in 2010 under the presidency of Barack Obama, and was a model change at the time controversial for the space agency, which had previously conceived of rockets and space vehicles, paying the bill and the budget overruns with the industrial sector.

The current schedule of Nasa, as determined by the administration of president Donald Trump, is to land two astronauts, including a woman, on the Moon in 2024, thanks to the rocket heavy SLS and the Orion capsule. But the developments have been delayed, and Nasa has not yet chosen the company that will manufacture the alunisseur.

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