A woman closes her eyes on the assault of his 10-year old girl

Une femme ferme les yeux sur l'agression de sa fille de 10 ans

A mother who has chosen “to make the wilful blindness” by allowing his daughter of 10 years “to be” a man of 58 years who sexually assaulted her pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

During the summer of 2015, the mother of the family, that we cannot name to protect the identity of the victim, has moved with his children in the Shawinigan area.

It is there that she has seen the concierge of his building, with which it is related to friendship.

“He takes care of the children of mrs. and mainly of the young victim. The girl spends a lot of time at the caretaker, who nourishes her, does his laundry, buys him clothes and helps him in his school work”, and he briefly told Me Mélanie Dufour, of the prosecution.

In a summary of a joint with Me Dominique Cant, of the defense, the prosecutor stated that the man had assaulted the girl for the first time at the end of the year.

Sexual assault full

Until April 2018, several sexual assaults have been committed at the place of the child, ranging from sexual touching to intercourse.

“In January 2016, a report concerning the child was made to the DYP and it was forbidden to the man to see the young girl,” added the prosecutor.

Despite this, the girl continued to see the man, and this, with the approval of her mother, who has even suggested to the concierge “do not park in front of the house and not get caught by the DPJ”.

“In December 2017, the accused went to renew her daughter near a mill where the concierge was waiting in his car. To the edge thereof, of sexual touching took place, and the mother returned to pick her daughter an hour later,” said Me Dufour.

Assault filmed

In April 2018, a sexual assault was filmed by the sister of the victim and viewed by the mother, which ultimately led the latter to denounce the situation to the police.

After pleading guilty to the charges brought against him, the janitor has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of six years.

“The attacks have had serious consequences for the young girl, who now present behavioural challenges and learning in a school environment. She has a low opinion of herself, pulls the eyebrows and the hair, and she saw the anxiety,” stressed the prosecutor.

A pre-sentence report was requested to inform the court as to the penalty to be imposed on the woman, who has no history of the judiciary.

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