A woman married a chandelier: “I’m not crazy”

A British woman named Amanda gave “future husband” name is Lumiere and already bought an engagement ring

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Женщина выходит замуж за канделябр: "Я не чокнутая"

Amanda liberty is marrying the chandelier

35-the summer inhabitant of great Britain named Amanda liberty decided to marry a chandelier. The woman is probably objectophiles or objektspektrum man attracted to inanimate objects.

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As the authors of the publication Daily Mirror, Amanda gave the name of the candelabra Lumiere and already bought an engagement ring. She claims to care about his appearance and polishes almost every night. “I know that many believe my attraction to the candle’s weird, but I’m not crazy,” said the woman.

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Shooted in addition, Amanda has other candelabra with which it is associated an open relationship. In the past she was in love with new York the statue of Liberty and even took her name. To maintain a long-distance relationship proved too difficult, so they had to leave.

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