A woman shot in Montreal-Nord

Une femme atteinte par balle à Montréal-Nord

A woman was hit by bullet in the middle of the day while she was just on the balcony of a building in the borough of Montréal-Nord, on Monday.

The Montreal police said they received a 911 call for shots fired on the ground of a building housing the avenue Racette, near the street of the train Station, at around 16: 05.

“The victim was on the back balcony of a residential building in the company of a man. The suspect would be entered in the court and would have made it fire at least once to the victim”, said Véronique Comtois, a spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

The thirty-year-old was transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries that did not put his life in danger, said the POLICE.

The investigators were swimming in full mystery to try to solve this case in the middle of the evening. Not only the suspect fled on foot after firing, but the man who was in the company of the victim also fled the scene. Both were wanted by the authorities, who are trying to shed light on this murder attempt.

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