A woman survived six days of captivity in the car: how she did it

Now the victim is in the hospital and will be there for another few weeks

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Женщина выжила после шести дней плена в машине: как ей это удалось

45-year-old Corinne Bastide

45-year-old Corinne Bastide from the Belgian province of liège survived six days of captivity in the car. The woman had an accident, drove into a forest a ditch and injured his spine. She couldn’t get out of the car or to get to the phone to answer calls. From the pain of a woman fainted each time I tried to move.

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The woman added that she was able to open the car door with his foot. Korin saw the car going by, cried out and were saved. According to the son of the victim, now his mother is in hospital and will be there for another few weeks.

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