A woman with a beard showed his partner and shocked the network

36-year-old little Bear Schwarz met my love in Facebook

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2 APR, 09:27

Женщина с бородой показала своего партнера и шокировала сеть

36-year-old little Bear Schwarz

A resident of the city of Takoma (state of Washington) feared that will remain forever lonely. At the little Bear Schwarz at the age of 14 years revealed a polycystic ovary syndrome. Because of this disease in American women is growing a beard in connection with the overabundance of male hormones. A long time girl secretly shaved and abused the makeup, trying to disguise his defect. In 2013 she had a boyfriend and she became more confident. Schwartz has ceased to hide the feature from others. And in 2014, even took part in a beauty contest among the bearded lady won. However, the relationship with the boyfriend soon upset. Little Bear was left alone. And thought I’ll never find the right person.

However, according to the newspaper Metro, 36-year-old Schwartz still met my love in Facebook. She was contacted by 45-year-old Tobias Brady, invited her on a date — despite the fact that was at that time married. The pair met for about a year, then decided to get married. The problem was that little Bear is a Christian, and Tobias proclaimed himself a Satanist. In the end, the lovers staged a “mixed” ceremony. “Actually we have the same ethical principles — we just Express them in different ways,” says the bride. The wedding was attended by 40 guests.

“He loves me for who I am. The first time I feel a man so comfortable,” said the bride. When both men believe in polyamory — look at love, allowing the possibility of the existence of love relationships one person with multiple people at the same time, with the consent and approval of all participants of these relations. So little Bear and Tobias are ready to expand their family, but they say that in any case will retain a tender affection to each other.

We will remind, the inhabitant of Kazakhstan showed a beard, which she raised for 35 years and never shaved. In addition, we wrote how to live the girl with the anomaly of rapid hair growth.

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Женщина с бородой показала своего партнера и шокировала сеть

Женщина с бородой показала своего партнера и шокировала сеть

Женщина с бородой показала своего партнера и шокировала сеть


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