A wonderful gift to give

A wonderful gift to give

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For most people, Christmas means gifts and celebrations. Unfortunately, the pandemic is yet another spoiler and put the brakes on the long-awaited reunion.

Fortunately, I already had my gifts well in advance of December 25. I received new lungs last February as well as a lot of love and solidarity from my family and friends.

I also benefited from a functioning health system and professional, technical and administrative skills found there.

This lung transplant turns out to be the best gift of my life. I wish the same happiness to all those who are waiting for an organ to survive.

I hope, however, that the resurgence of the pandemic will not constitute an insurmountable obstacle for them.

Running against the clock

Last December, I I was at home, plugged into a double oxygen concentrator, and it was barely enough for me to carry out daily activities, like sitting at the table, eating or brushing my teeth.

My pulmonary fibrosis was progressing at breakneck speed and the doctors were concerned. On an emergency list, I was hospitalized in January to undergo a battery of tests that would determine if I was fit for a transplant. I was.

Happy with the news, the clinical nurse and the thoracic surgeon still cast a shadow on the board by telling me that donors were scarce with the pandemic and that there had only been one lung transplant in the past month.

My days were numbered and only new lungs could lengthen my life.

I experienced false joy while waiting in the operating room at the end of January. The surgeon told me the operation would not take place because the lungs were not good. Two weeks later, luck finally smiled on me and I was able to receive new lungs.

I will be eternally grateful to the donor and the staff who kept me alive for 44 days in intensive care.


I won my race against time and I hope that it will be the same for all the people hospitalized waiting for a transplant or a major intervention.

In normal times, it lacks of organ donors, and according to what I have experienced, it would be worse during a pandemic.

This is to say how important it is not to release in compliance with health measures to avoid overloading our hospitals.

The holiday season calls for generosity, therefore, this is a great opportunity to self-donate by indicating your approval for organ donation upon your death .

This year, my Christmas will be very different from last year, when I was bedridden and weak. This year, I will celebrate at the table with my sweetheart and my children this return to life.

Happy Holidays to all our readers and, above all, long life.

A wonderful gift to give

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